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Founded in August 2011, the School of Marxism  of Xiamen University is an important base for teaching and research on Marxist  Theory and Ideological and Political Education and for training party and  government cadres.

With a glorious history and tradition in  Marxist studies, Xiamen University has been one of the important bases for  spreading and studying Marxism. There has been a large group of brilliant  Marxist theorists and researchers such as Wang Yanan. Early in 1950, the  university set up the Working Committee for Important Courses, which was in  charge of the teaching and research of courses in ideological and political  theory for the whole university. In 1956, the Teaching and Research Section of  Marxism-Leninism was built up. On the basis of this, the Teaching Department of  Marxist-Leninist Theory was established in 1990. In 2009, the Institute of  Marxism was established so as to strengthen the discipline and to promote the  overalleducation of  ideological and political theory. In 2011, the School of Marxism was set up by  integrating various resources. The current dean of the school is Prof. Bai  Xineng, and the party secretary is Xu Heshan.

The school is a secondary unit under the direct  leadership of the university, mainly responsible for teaching the courses in  ideological and political theory to all the undergraduate and postgraduate  students in the university. It is also in charge of the management of teachers  of ideological and political theory, the construction of the discipline of  Marxist theory, the research and theoretical innovation in the discipline, and  the cultivation of postgraduate students. Moreover, it is engaged in social  service work in accordance with the central task of the CPC, the government and  the university in different periods, such as the popularization of Marxism,  particularly the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the training  of cadres, decision consulting, etc.

Currently, the school has four teaching  and research sections, i.e., the Teaching and Research Section of Basic  Principles of Marxism, the Teaching and Research Section of Mao Zedong Thought  and the Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, the Teaching and  Research Section of the History of Modern and Contemporary China, and the  Teaching and Research Section of Ideological and Ethical Cultivation and Basics  of Law. In addition, there are several research platforms, i.e.,  Xiamen University Research Center for  Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Fujian  Postgraduate Education Innovation Base for Marxism and China  Development, Xiamen University Institute of Marxism and China  Development, etc.

The school now has over 50 full-time teachers,  including 9 full professors and 28 associate professors (over 70% of the total).  The percentage of faculty with doctorates is more than 70%. One teacher was  awarded by Ministry of Education the title of “the Year’s Most Influential  Teachers for Teaching Ideological and Political Theory”. One was selected as  “the Teaching Leaders of Courses in Ideological and Political Theory in Fujian  Universities and Colleges” and one as “the Academic Leaders of the Courses in  Ideological and Political Theory in Fujian Universities and Colleges”. Two were  awarded the title of “Excellent Young Experts in Social Sciences in Fujian”. Two  were listed in “New Century Supporting Program for Excellent Talents in Fujian  Universities and Colleges”, one in “New Century Talents Project in Fujian”, and  one in “Distinctive Young Research Talents Program in Fujian Universities and  Colleges”.

There are several construction projects  in the school, namely, the “985 Project” key discipline construction, Marxist  Theory, and Theory and Practice of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” in  the “211 Project” key discipline construction. The school works with the  Publicity Department of Fujian Provincial Committee of the CPC and has  established Xiamen University Research  and Training Base for the Theory of Socialism with Chinese  Characteristics.

Since its establishment, the school has been  working hard to emancipate the mind, carry out reform and innovation, promote  the construction of the discipline, the staff team and the curriculum with  higher standards, improve the level of teaching and research, strengthen the  competitiveness of the discipline, and offer high quality social service so as  to ensure the scientific development of the school by leaps and bounds. The goal  of the school for the near future is to build the school into a first-class  school of Marxism in our country by 2021 and the 100th anniversary of XMU, an  important innovation platform for studies in Marxist Theory, an important  basefor popularizing and teachingMarxist Theory, and an important think tank for  decision making of the Party and the government.